Collection of all the PDF documents from Translation Working Group.
(still testing this – not sure if this is the best way to do it..  -Jackie)

Use the sub-menus to list the PDFs you want.

To add a PDF to the blog site:
1. Create a New Post, then in the body of the post,
2. Upload/Insert, upload your PDF file, edit the Title if you want, then click button “Insert into Post” (bottom of dialog box). The file will be stored in the Media Library.
3. Pick the Category (of language) your PDF is written in.
4. Pick the Tag (use “Choose from the most used tags”) that corresponds to the document translated (e.g. Declaration of the Occupation, or FAQ)
5. Pick the Tag “PDF”  (this is very important – if this is not picked, the listing will not appear under the PDF Menu)
6. Publish/Update (to post the Post)

Check the PDF Menu to see that your listing appears – make sure to reload the page.