Translation of Declaration Flowchart Poster

For all questions and completed translations for the Declaration FlowChart Translation Project please contact:

We have put together a “translation kit” for translating the big Declaration Flowchart Poster. Image of original here to view (note – you can download this but it is big, 12.4 MB):

Or, go to the Declaration page of and scroll down just past the Declaration to see the chart in a zoomable viewer:

The KIT:

Here is a zip file (1.4 MB) containing 2 files:
1. The Numbered Graphic (.gif – filename:  DeclarationFlowChart Numbered v2 small.gif)
2. and the Translation key (.doc – filename:  DeclarationFlowChart translation key.doc)

Declaration FlowChart Translation Kit

You may also want to get the original file also as a gif here (1.9 MB):


-Jackie and Owen